Our Number 1 Best South Bend Painters

Having a good painter is crucial when getting your home repainted. I have had bad painters before and it was a terrible experience. I am a painter myself, mostly on a canvasses, so I always hire professional residential painters when it comes to anything with my home. I created the list below, with the help of my co-workers to determine who are the best painters in South Bend, IN. I also will try to update this list as time goes on. As for now, take a look at the list below, if you are currently looking for painting contractors.

Top Painting Contractors in the South Bend Area

Brothers Colors Painting is top on my list after my experience with them this spring. I had my office repainted since it was outdated and looked like an Old Mans Office. It was all wood and I needed a refresh so I could work better. I decided to go with a grey color, which seems to be a popular color these days. The outcome was great and I’m really excited about the change. I will post the picture of the outcome below.

Brothers Colors Painting South Bend-IN

Here is the information to get in touch with Brothers Colors Painting:

Brothers Colors Painting

This job was interior, but they also do exterior work as well, which I’m having done as well this summer. I will be sure to share photos of those outcomes as well.


Welcome to My First Ever Blog

Hey, just want to say thank you for visiting my first ever blog. I have always wanted to start one, but never found the time. First of all my name is Kate and I paint pictures. It has been a hobby of mine for awhile now and I think I am starting to get really good at the process. I will be sure to make some post with my art work, so look forward to them.